Iowa state university, january 2014

Iowa State University, January 2014

This was a Software Carpentry workshop I taught with Will Trimble in the Python room. The students were primarily biologists with a large number of novices. We taught introductory shell, python, unit testing and git. In another room Adina Howe and Molly Gibson along with Fan Yang taught an introductory R bootcamp.

University of Miami, January 2014

At this bootcamp, there were three rooms of instruction, novice R, intermediate R and python. I taught with Carlos Anderson in the novice R room to a mix of students from biological and social sciences backgrounds.

University of Missouri Kansas City, February 2014

This bootcamp was taught with Emily Jane McTavish to a room full of Economists. We taught introductory R along with git and shell concepts. We were able to teach students how to write scripts in bash and R and use the interactive shell to loop those scripts over directories full of files. In addition we were able to demonstrate some collaborative aspects of git and github.

University of Oklahoma, April 2014

This group was largely comprised of members of the Oklahoma Biological Survey and Biology departments. Skill levels ranged and we had a packed house of 40 students. Overall the bootcamp went well if a bit slowly.

University of Oklahoma, June 2014

A t this bootcamp we tested out a distance teaching method with Greg Wilson teaching git and SQL from the comfort of his desk chair in Toronto. This experiment was successful and did depend heavily on having knowledgeable helpers in the room.

University of Cape Town, South Africa, November 27-28 2014

Launched Software Carpentry in South Africa at the eResearch Africa conference.

Iowa State University, January 2014 - Jonah Duckles