Jonah Duckles

I am a researcher, entrepreneur and tinkerer who enjoys leading and working with cross-disciplinary teams to apply appropriate technology, toward challenging research, business and technical problems. Specific areas of my experience and interest are: the study of global ecological and environmental change; agricultural production; land-use land-cover change; applied remote sensing; geospatial analysis; long-term technology planning and open source tools for data processing and management.

I work at The University of Oklahoma and coordinate the activities of Research Informatics team, a part of the broader OUIT organization. Recently I have become a Software-Carpentry instructor and enjoy traveling the country and world teaching groups of scientists about programming in R & Python, using the Bash shell to automate tasks and infecting them with a passion for the collaborative potential of version control using git and github.

I love to travel.


My wife and I have two boys aged 8 and 6. We all practice the martial art of Judo I hold a nidan (second black belt) and actively participate in coaching/teaching at USA Stars Foundation under sensei Patrick Burris. I enjoy cooking, gardening, camping/hiking and international travel. Recently I’ve been having fun tinkering a bit more with embeded microcontroller development environments like Arduino and Energia when I can find the time.

Jonah M Duckles - Jonah Duckles